☆Pastel and confettis☆

Hello there friend !
I'm Miette Halia, a 24 years old woman who loves drawing and cute things. I'm a self taught artist specialized in digital art and also new to pixel art. I love talking and drawing about things i'm passionate about !

Feel free to talk to me (^∀゚)ъ

© Background from "The Art of Steven Universe: The Movie"

About Me ☆

  • ☆ Miette

  • ☆ She/Her

  • ☆ Born 26/10/1995

  • ☆ 24 years old

  • ☆ FR/ENG

  • ☆ wlw and LGBT+ friendly

  • ☆ Digital artist

  • ☆ I love anime, video games and cartoons a lot !

  • ☆ Art is my main hobby. I'm a self-taught artist and mainly draw digitally.

  • ☆ I use Paint Tool Sai and Photoshop Elements for my art.

Commissions info ☆


If you're interested in a commission, you can contact me here :


☆ CHIBI 15$





Extra character :
☆ For 1 additional pixel sprite 5$
☆ For 1 additional Chibi 7$
☆ For 1 additional half body 10$
☆ For 1 additional full body 15$


You'll have to pay half of the price first for me to begin working on your commission. I'll send you my Paypal link and after i finish the sketch, i'll send it to you. If everything works for you, then you'll need to pay the other half of the price for me to finish working on your commission.


I won't take commissions of a character without a proper reference or a picture of them. It can be a picrew or a character maker if you want, but please, no descriptions only !
I can take from 2 days to 1 month to complete a commission, depending on my schedule, the number of commissions i need to complete first, and the complexity of the piece you've asked of me. If you have a deadline (ex : birthday) tell me first !
Remember that I have no obligation to accept your commission if it makes me uncomfortable and/or if i don't feel confident enough in the type of artwork you're asking me to do for you.
I can make changes to your artwork for free as much as you want, as long as it isn't a huge part of the piece (ex : the whole body, the background, the pose, etc). Otherwise, it'll have to request up to 5$ or more in order to modify it.
I'll ask your permission first to know if i can post the artwork i've done for you on social medias, with credits. Feel totally free to say no if you don't want your commission to be posted !

My OCs ☆

Fawnie (lvl 8)

“Fawnie is a young girl who loves fairytales stories and spending time with her mother. She used to live with her in their cozy home full of books until, one day, she suddenly disappeared in a fairytale world she created... Determined to see mom again, Fawnie has no other choice than to go into this mysterious world as well.”

Likes : fairytales, her mother, rainy days, pies, video games

Dislikes : the cold, loneliness, crowds, people screaming

Cherubin (lvl 19)

“Cherubin is a young man with a birdlike form. He's very sincere and happy-go-lucky and always tries to make sure everyone around him is having a good time. He's a huge fan of everything that's pink and cute and loves magical girls shows the most. Cherubin's very immature at times, but has his heart in the right place.
He escaped the real world with his best friend Arion into a fairytale world to live a better life, away from his toxic family. He has never came back home ever since.”

Likes : magical girl shows, singing, playing music, adventures

Dislikes : authority, lies, closed spaces, his parents

Arion (lvl 21)

“Arion is a young man with the appearance of an unicorn knight.
He's a very loyal and protective friend and, even though he looks intimidating when you don't know him, he's actually a very sensible person with a heart of gold.

Arion ran away to live a new life with a new identity to a fairytale world named "Resver". He now lives there with his best friend Cherubin and their mutual friend Nyx.”

Likes : Medieval books, history, cute things, jewelry

Dislikes : bugs, conflicts, the dark, himself

Nyx (lvl 23)

“Nyx is a young woman with a moth like appearance and a victorian witch aesthetic. She's a very smart and passionate young woman who loves magic, nature and technology. She creates inventions and bring them to life with magic, being the first and only one to do so in Resver.

Nyx has a strong admiration for the queen of the world she lives in and wishes to become one of her counsellor one day.”

Likes : Magic, science, architecture, fashion

Dislikes : Messiness, immature people, cooking